Zimbabwe Military To Remove ED Mnangagwa and Mthuli Ncube By October 2019


In December, I explained that the Zimbabwe will totally collapse by June. This prediction has been proven correct, and now the second part is about to unfold. Now I am going to give you my prediction of what is going to happen within the next 3 months.

While in December I predicted that the Masses will rise up and remove ED Mnangagwa, interventions on the ground have made it impossible for this to happen. The Military Crackdown after the January Stayaway where over 35 people lost their lives and over a 1000 people arrested has sufficiently Cowered the public and its unlikely that there will be any Mass Action Against ED Mnangagwa’s Government.

At Present, My Argument is that the Military in Zimbabwe are now the biggest Opposition Party to ZANU-PF. Whatever change is going to happen in Zimbabwe will be led by the military and soon they are going to put their own man into the Zimbabwe State House.

The MDC under Nelson Chamisa will soon become irrelevant as they are not willing to do the necessary. Nelson Chamisa, and his leadership team are weak and religious. They believe that Power will be handed to them by some divine Power.

ED Mnangagwa, is overly dependent on Mthuli Ncube, a technocrat with no political clout. The situation in Zimbabwe has became markedly worse since Mthuli Ncube was appointed. Its now clear that the financial problems in Zimbabwe can not be solved by appointing a more competent person, what is needed is another political change.

The biggest challenge now is how to prevent the Army in Zimbabwe, the junior ranks, from embarrassing their bosses. We have already seen Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, lecturers and Bank employees declaring Incapacitation. The next group that we are going to is very dangerous. Police and Soldiers. The only group who are doing well in this environment is Military Intelligence.

In the next month, you are going to see the first food shortages, fuel, commodities will run out. Prices will shoot up. Salaries will also rise.

There will be some moves to address the situation. First, some lower ranking Civil Servants will be sacrificed. Then some politicians will be blamed. In a few months time, the situation will get so bad that ED Mnangagwa will be forced to step down by the Army.

However, before this stage is reached, we will see a desperate attempt to form another GNU. I am already seeing the MDC falling for this GNU. The thought of ministerial positions, Bodyguards and Mercedes Benzs, can be enticing to some in the MDC, especially those who have tasted this before.

But, what is clear is that the Military will not allow Nelson Chamisa to walk into State House. They will therefore put their own man into State House. The only problem right now is that General Chiwenga is bedridden. He cant Assume Office. Therefore, Another military person has to ascend to the VP Office.

Here there are two options. If Nelson Chamisa agrees to a GNU, we will see a Kembo Mohadi stepping down and being replaced by one of the Military guys. Then Nelson Chamisa could be given a junior VP position.

Alternatively, the Army will just take over and set up a transitional military Council as is the situation in Sudan.

The best option will be an NTA. Where both the MDC and ZANU-PF do not sit. This option is unlikely as ZANU-PF will basically be signing away their advantage.

So, as fa as I am concerned, within the next 3 months, we are going to see the Zimbabwe Military making their move.