281 People Who Were Murdered By Zimbabwe Military Intelligence

The Book Fingerprints of Abuse describes in Detail How 179 named Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Officers Participated in the Murder of 281 named MDC Supporters and Officials in the period between 2008 and 2010

281 People Who Were Murdered By Zimbabwe Military Intelligence

Today I am presenting the last of three books that illustrate how Zimbabwe Military Intelligence has turned against the people of Zimbabwe. This third book by the MDC shows Sanctions on Zimbabwe can be directly traced t the actions of Zimbabwe Military intelligence, who participated in over 290 Verified murders of MDC Members and Officials.

These murders, abductions, rapes and assaults, are the main reason why the USA slapped sanctions on Zimbabwe is the orgy of Violence that Military Intelligence unleashed across Zimbabwe in 2008.

Two of the most noteworthy incidents during this period are when the late Elliot Manyika , A government minister, parked outside a house of an MDC Councillor while a soldier raped his wife. He then proceeded to personally abduct her and slap her while driving around to another MDC Official’s house.

The second incident is when Englebret Rugeje, A Senior Member of the Zimbabwe Military, handed villagers a bullet each and promised to kill anyone who voted for the MDC. Many people were killed in ZAKA after this incident.

So, the point I am trying to make is that the Zimbabwe National Army as an organisation is the reason why the country has bee slapped with sanctions! Instead of behaving professionally and performing their legal function, they have allowed themselves to be used for political purposes.

Now lets go into the detail of the Footprints of Abuse report:

In this report – 179 named members of the Zimbabwe Military are implicated in Violence against members of the public, which includes murder, rape, assault, abduction and torture.


  • There is need for all Military Intelligence Officials who were involved in Elections Violence to be removed from the Military.
  • There is need for A Foreign Force to Supervise the Zimbabwe Military For a transitional period of not less than 5 years