Why Zimbabwe Military Intelligence is Accused of Causing Car Crashes


Why Zimbabwe Military Intelligence is Accused of Causing Car Crashes

This week we had 2 major suspicious accidents. I will take this opportunity to discuss information in the public domain on how Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Causes Car Crashes.

I want to specifically mention the cases where members of the opposition or activists are involved. Specifically, I want to mention the cases of Inviolata Dumbutshena and that of Apostle Chiwenga who is currently in Hospital.
In both cases, the cars flipped over and were found more than 15m away from the Masvingo road around the Chartsworths turn-off.

In the case of Apostle Chiwenga, he was left trapped in the car for more than an hour and if the accident had not killed him, the lack of medical attention should have killed. Its a miracle that he is alive.

In the case of Inviolata Dumbutshena, she was a young lawyer who had just won a major Court case against the Zimbabwe Military.
Both of these accidents involved a car coming from the opposite direction.

While looking into the long list of political accidents, I came across much information on how Zimbabwe Military carries out these operations. But the most interesting was the information provided by Steven Sebungwe, A Senior Army Officer.

Steven Sebungwe explained that, in both the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence and CIO they have such departments, the ‘Dirty Tricks Departments,’ who are responsible for all these strange cars [crashes]. I don’t know how they do it and where they were trained to do that, but even a new Mercedes Benz, even if you just give them time to tamper around with that car it will suddenly burst a tyre. Even if you take it to quality control people and they will tell you this tyre is perfect, it’s new, but you will suddenly be having it bursting. They use it in ZANU-PF to eliminate their enemies.”

Clearly, the purpose of a Car Crash is to cause a public death, its a show of force and in certain cases its meant to warn others to distance themselves from the target.

I always ask myself the question, is this information credible? Unfortunately the long list of car accidents since independence is long and suspicious. You can read the full list on the website Charleslaurie.com

1979 – Josiah Tongogara (ZANLA Chief of Defence ) – Collission With Parked Vehicle
1989 – William Ndangana (Deputy Defence Minister)
1992 – Mthandazo Ndema Ngwenya ( Activist)
1992 – Christopher Giwa (Student Leader)
1994 – Sydney Malunga (MP) – Avoiding a Black Dog- Mugabe Critic
1995 – Wtness Rukarwa (Mash West Governor) – ZANU-PF Faction
1995 – Chris Ushewokunze ( Minister) – Collission With Army Lorry – ZANU-PF Faction
1996 – Duri Zororo ( ZANU-PF Manicaland Chairman) – ZANU-PF Infighting
1996 – Peter Pamire (Business Man) – Brake Failure Airport while coming from SA
2000 – Rufaro Gwanzura (MP) – ZANU PF Infighting
2001 – Border Gezi (Minister) – Burst Tyre
2001 – Movern Mahachi ( Defence Minister) – Head On Collission
2007 – Armstrong Gunda (Head of Presidential Guard) – Train hit his car
2008 – Elliot Manyika ( Minister) – Burst Tyre
2009 – Dube Timmond ( Thokozani Khupe Aide) Catherine Mabhiza – Motherof Thokozani Khuphe – Opposition
2009 – Morgan/Susan Tsvangirai ( Prime Minister) – Sideswipe – Opposition
2009 – Francis Muswere ( MDC District Chairman Makoni West) –
2009 – Charles Pemhayi ( MP) – Strange car sped from the scene
2009 – John Nyamande ( MDC) – Collision with parked Car
2010 – Renson Gasela, Ntombizodwa Gumbo, Renson Lyson – MDC Chairpersons Midlands
2010 – Alice Nkomo ( Anti-Corruption Commissioner)
2010 – Alex Magunda, Loveness Sango, Innocent Muzuva, Connie Taruvinga ( St Maryl MDC Leaders)
2010 Edwin Dube ( Journalist – ZinInd Deputy Editor) –
2010 – Jabulani Ndlovu – MDC Hwange Senator
2012 – Ncube Ntabiso – Welshman Ncube son
2012 – Chipo Makoni Mujuru – Daughter of Mai Mujuru
2013 – Edward Chindori Chininga – Baba Jukwa
2013 – Elliote Dhliwayo – MDC Activist
2013 – Mike Karakadzai – Army

I have left out a lot of other crashed inclusing those where there were no fatalities like ED Mnangagwa, Lovemore Moyo etc. Please have a look at the website Chalrleslaurie

Key points to note:
– Initially accidents were prevelant in ZANU-PF infighing where the cars were serviced at CMED. Brake failure was prevalent
– The second phase was tyre bursts and blowouts
– The third phase involving MDC and sideswiping or forcing off the road.
– In recent days, poisoning has been the tool of choice

What I can say is that where there is smoke there is a fire!

Let me know what you think in the comments.