Nelson Chamisa Scraps 3 MDC Vice Presidents

Thokozani Khuphe Dominates MDC 2019 Congress Resolutions

1. No member Can Take the MDC to court without exhausting internal remedies
2. Any member who takes the MDC to the court must prove that he is a paid-up member for at least 12 months prior
3. Any member who takes the MDC to court without meeting this condition automatically expels themselves
4. No member of the MDC can join another party of form a party
5. Any member of the MDC who stands as an independent expels themselves
6. 3 vice presidents have been scrapped going forward
7. The current congress satisfies the court ruling
8. Establishment of the MT School of Ideology
9. Establishment of External Assemblies
10. Amending the MDC Constitution at the first sitting of the National Council to incorporate these changes

My conclusion
1. Congress missed an opportunity to negotiate with Khuphe. She will soon come back to hound the MDC
2. MDC Congress Can still be declared invalid. The Congress does not address the court ruling
3. There is a big chance of MDC losing its assets
4. There is a need to develop a new culture of transparency in the MDC