Hopewell Chin’ono says Mnangagwa should not allow Diaspora vote

Award winning Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says Emmerson Mnangagwa should not allow Diaspora votes.

Writing on Facebook, Hopewell said Mnangagwa will not grant Diaspora votes due to ZIDERA sactions do not allow him to go and campaign in the diaspora.

This comes after Dewa Mavhinga’s request for the US government to retain its current foreign policy around Zimbabwe.

He said:

I am still shocked that there are Zimbabweans who are not political enough to know and understand that sanctions against Zimbabwe will not affect Emmerson Mnangagwa, but their mothers and fathers in the townships and villages scattered around the country.

When the government is denied a line of credit and fails to raise foreign exchange to import fuel, it is ordinary Zimbabweans that will
sleep in fuel queues not Emmerson Mnangagwa.

We are currently pushing for the diaspora vote to be granted so that our compatriots abroad can exercise their right to vote, how do you expect a sitting president not allowed to go and campaign in thediaspora due to ZIDERA sanctions to grant that right?

Dewa Mavhinga said and asked the US government to, and I quote him; “Maintain existing US policy toward Zimbabwe until the military
removes itself from politics and the 2018 elections are legitimately assessed to be peaceful, transparent, free and fair and that power is smoothly transmitted to the newly elected government.”

All the things he spoke of have been overridden by his request to maintain a foreign policy which includes sanctions on Zimbabwe.

How do we expect a government that has been in office for a week to undo a 37 year legacy and how do we expect our requests to be acted
upon by this government when we haven’t presented them to the new administration?

All these questions require good old common sense and nothing deeply intellectual. This trio failed to heed Sun Tzu’s pertinent advice.
The legendary Chinese General said that you must really know your enemy, its weaknesses and strengths.

The ruling elites will not miss a meal because the economy is in bad shape. Robert Mugabe proved this to us during the 17 years he ruled
under sanctions.

He never missed the opportunity to upgrade his US$700000 Pullman Mercedes Benz Limousine because of sanctions. It was those of us who were living in Zimbabwe that bore the brunt of
the economic meltdown down.