Ruth Makandiwa Death Prophecy – Prophet Advocate Joshua

On 17 July 2017, Prophet Advocate Joshua delivered an alarming prophecy about Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa.

I have seen this vision two times. We need to pray, I call upon his church, and the body of Christ to pray for him.

In this vision, I had the, the privilege to be meeting his wife.

And when I saw his wife, it was clear to me that she appeared very worried.

And it was as if she had actually visited my place of residence, and then we began to converse, but my worry was, why did she come to me? And I could see that my wife was seated on the other side.

Within my spirit I could feel God talking, and the voice that I was hearing was saying, you have to pray for her. You have to pray for her.

And within a few minutes, I saw the husband, the popular prophet, coming.

And, as we began to converse I continuously hear the voice in my mind, in my spirit, saying, pray for the wife, because an attack is coming.

And when I started praying within my spirit, I heard a voice within myself. I began to see a container with some food, I don’t know what type of food that was. And there was someone who was trying to be sure that she ate that food, and then she dies.

The moment that I saw that, I started to remember my first vision because this is two times that I’ve seen this vision.

In this vision I saw this popular man of God’s wife having passed away. I saw a convoy of cars, like Mercedes Benz cars parked somewhere. It was as if it was on a platform, and the church was mourning because the wife had died.

When I looked at the wife in the vision, it was as if she actually knew that something bad was about to happen.

I’ve never met them in person, but I know that because of the anointing that is placed upon the lives. Someone has seen this, I know, seated in the position that I am in in the prophetic, I know someone is seen this, and this is something that has being talked about.

That is not something that will happen after a long illness, but it’s a sudden event.